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Mass Flow Controller
Pressure gauge switching valve "SV"

Pressure gauge switching valve "SV"
A substantial reduction of hydraulic unit costs !

Features :

• The pressure gauge switching valve has been developed to measure circuit pressure at a maximum of one to six positions with one pressure gauge.

• The number of pressure gauges to be used has been reduced to only one. This means a substantial cutdown of your pressure gauge costs and machining costs for pressure gauge panel installation hole.

• This is a rotary switching valve. Just set the arrow mark of the hand wheel to the circuit number, and you can measure the pressure.

• Except during measurement, set the hand wheel to ALL CLOSE position. Then the internal residual pressure of the pressure gauge is discharged into the drain port. The pointer of the pressure gauge indicates "0" (zero) at all times except when pressure is measured. This improves the accuracy and durability of the pressure gauge.
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more information : http://www.ask-co.com/en/products/h_switchingValve/sv

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