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Mass Flowmeter
Gauge valve with damper (made of stainless steel) "SAN-200N/300N"
HF-GC/GP (G type)
MLC Continuous Motor Pump

Gauge valve with damper (made of stainless steel) "SAN-200N/300N"
Damper function for preventing pressure breakdown, integrated with needle valve for pressure gauge!

Features :

• Pressure gauge breakdown preventing damper function and needle valve for pressure gauge are integrated into one unit. Since surge pressure of the hydraulic circuit and pulsating pressure are absorbed by the built-in damper, accuracy and durability of the pressure gauge are greatly improved.

• Than damper and gauge valve are installed separately. This installation method saves space and reduces your costs. omega replica watches

• A gauge socket is provided to allow you to install the pressure gauge in any desired direction. You can easily set the direction of the pressure gauge.

more information : http://www.ask-co.com/en/products/w_gaugeValve/san_200300

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